Beta Mu Sigma Fraternity has a long and very prevalent history here at Southern Connecticut State University. In the year of 2009, the Brothers of Beta will have celebrated our fifty-year Anniverary since being originally founded in 1959. Throughout the years, Beta has seen many brothers graduate and become great contributers to their communties, earn well respected positions within their University, and become very productive gentlemen. It is these men that we honor, respect, and inspire to become. This website is but a simple thank you for their years of hard work and dedication to make our fraternity the well respected organization it is today.

Alumni List 2000 - 2014 

Robert Vass, Founding Advisor, 00’
Joseph Rossi, Founding Advisor, 00’
Paul Serignese, Founding Advisor, 00’

Christopher Crampton, Founding Father, 00’
Andres Roman, Founding Father, 00’
Marvin Wilson, Founding Father, 00’
Jon Farmer, Founding Father, 00’
Paul Cavanna, Founding Father, 00’
John Simeon, Founding Father, 00’
Daniel Puka, Founding Father, 00’

Dwane Cameron, Beta Class, 00’
Mark Nutolo, Beta Class, 00’
Robert Riely, Beta Class, 00’

Ben Martin, Alpha Class, 01’

Nathan ReCasino, Gamma Class, 01’
Joseph Dempsey, Gamma Class, 01’
Alexander Rodriguez, Gamma Class, 01’
Michael Goclowski, Gamma Class, 01’
Anthony Calabrese, Delta Class, 02‘
Noel Sepulveda, Delta Class, 02‘
Victor Vega, Delta Class, 02‘
T.J. Cunningham, Delta Class, 02‘
Paul Wasilewski, Delta Class, 02‘
Mark Wachter, Delta Class, 02‘
Andrew Grivalsky, Delta Class, 02‘

Gregory Bernard, Epsilon Class, 03’
Craig Gross, Epsilon Class, 03’
Michael Thibodeau, Epsilon Class, 03’
Andres Wilson, Epsilon Class, 03’
Gene Generoso, Epsilon Class, 03’ 
Adam Burke, Zeta Class, 04’
Samuel Diaz III, Zeta Class, 04’ 
Jon Giliberto, Zeta Class, 04’
Joseph Vaspasiano, Zeta Class, 04’
Steven Alves, Eta Class, 05’                                                                                    
Steven Gauvin, Eta Class, 05’                                          
Nicholas Lardas, Eta Class, 05’                      
Teddy Reinheimer, Eta Class, 05’                                 
Bart Russo, Eta Class, 05’                                                                    
Gregory Tzovolos, Eta Class, 05’                                   
Stephen Wachter, Eta Class, 05’
Peter Maxwell Cohn, Theta Class, 06’
Andrew Heylmun, Theta Class, 06’                                
John Manco, Theta Class, 06’                              
Jeffrey Phelps, Theta Class, 06’         
Patrick Zampella, Theta Class, 06’              
Michael Bova, Iota Class, 07’             
Michael Burrone, Iota Class, 07’                           
Jared Chapman, Iota Class, 07’                                    
Linton Kinlock Jr., Iota Class, 07’                                  
Nicholas Maloney, Iota Class, 07’                                  
Paul Stutzman, Iota Class, 07’                                     
Matthew Tortora, Iota Class, 07’                 
Michael Edelson, Kappa Class, 08’               
Gary Farrar Jr., Kappa Class, 08’                                  
Jonathan Fonck, Kappa Class, 08’                                 
Paul Giuliano, Kappa Class, 08’                  
Joseph Innamorato, Kappa Class, 08’                  
Nico Moyer, Kappa Class, 08’                               
Cody Marino, Kappa Class, 08’                            
Raymond Nardella, Kappa Class, 08’                    
John Porto, Kappa Class, 08’                                                 
Justin Violette, Kappa Class, 08’                                   
Matthew D’Amato, Lambda Class, 09  
Frank Greco, Lambda Class, 09         
Jason Rizk, Lambda Class, 09                             
Shannon Torres, Lambda Class, 09             
Thomas Cassarini, Mu Class, 09’                                  
David Langer, Mu Class, 09’     
Evan Bieber, Nu Class, 10’                 
Michael Cipriani, Nu Class, 10’  
Christopher Ford, Nu Class, 10’ 
Nicholas Gleifert, Nu Class, 10’  
Tyler Grant, Nu Class, 10’
Corey Katz, Nu Class, 10’         
Cameron Ostafin, Nu Class, 10’
Niko Pissanidis, Nu Class, 10’   
Kyle Berg, Xi Class, 11’                                                                                    
James Zarifis IV, Xi Class, 11’       

*** Alumni between 1959 - 1989 are not listed at this time, we are currently collaborating with older alumnus to develop a running list of these brothers. If you are an Alumni and not listed above, or would like to contact the brotherhood, please click on the Alumni Registry or visit us at: [email protected] ***