Beta Mu Sigma Fraternity is a Brotherhood that is very accepting. Membership shall not be denied to any undergradate male student because of race, religion, color, ancestry, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.

The values of our organization is to follow the Six Stars at all times; Tradition, Community, Honor, Loyalty, Repect, and Brotherhood. In our daily lives, we strive to follow these stars and take them into consideration with every life decision that we make. 

Our Brotherhood pushes one to become a better man; a gentleman. We encourage and support our members to become more involved and engaged within SCSU's Community. We want to see our members be more than just a "letter wearer", but more of a peer mentor, leader, and role model on campus. From Rush to the end of a Brother's academic career, our Brotherhood strives to lead and pave the way for others

Above all else, our Brotherhood is the closest that you can get to Family. Our Brothers genuinely love to be around one another. While we strive for academic and professional success, our Brotherhood also places emphasis on fostering relationships with one another. Whether it is going to SCSU Athletic Events, hanging out on a daily basis, or supporting each other on whatever endeavors they chose to partake in, we are there. Brotherhood is not a destination, but a journey. The Brothers of Beta Mu Sigma have all taken the journey to become better men and we hope you do too.

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