Beta Mu Sigma was founded at Southern Connecticut State University as a local fraternity in 1959. Over the next thirty years, Beta Mu Sigma thrived and became a pivital part of Greek Life at Southern. In 1989, Beta Mu Sigma became a coloney of Sigma Pi National Fratnerity and as participation in Greek Life at Southern slowly decreased, Sigma Pi left campus in 1998. With the coming of the 2000-2001 school year, Beta Mu Sigma prepared to return once again to Southern's Campus.

    Over the past 14 years the brothers of Beta Mu Sigma have taken stides to bring our prestigious brotherhood to the top the fraternal list. Since our rebirth in 2000 we have won numerous awards and honors, not only for our brotherhood, but individual awards as well.

The brothers of Beta Mu Sigma are dedicated and motivated members of the Southern community who work hard to bring back the days of a thriving and energetic Greek Life community to Southern. This could not be any truer these days after almost a decade after our rebirth. Today our membership is comprised of resident advisors, university assistants, hall directors, assistant deans, student leaders, orientation ambassadors, and executive board members of numerous other organizations. All of which were searching for more from their university and became a brother of Beta Mu Sigma Fraternity. For us to continue to be the  brotherhood we pride our selves on we need your help. It is only through theon going participation of dedicated and motivated individuals that wewill continue to grow, and contribute to our alma mater of SCSU and surrounding community.  If you are interested in joining an Exciting, Energetic and Fun-Filled organization that works towards bettering its members as well as the community, then we will
see you in the fall!