Winners of the 2007 Jail N’ Bail Award                                                                               For raising over $17,000 for Special Olympics of Connecticut   

 Winners of the 2014 Outstanding Charitable Donation Award                                       For the 8th Annual Jail N’ Bail to benefit Special Olympics of Connecticut

 Winners of the 2014 Connecticut Higher Education Community Service Award             For outstanding service and leadership

Beta Mu Sigma Fraternity is a Brotherhood of many different elements from our participation in intramural athletics, and Social BBQ’s to our fundraisers and philanthropies. As a very involved organization on SCSU’s campus we participate in countless events, and causes. To this day we hold two of the largest organizational based fundraiser and charitable philanthropy with our Special Olympics BBQ and Jail N’ Bail. Both events are highlighted with a few others that we do throughout the year. Please feel free to scroll through them.

Special Olympics BBQ

For over the past decade, SCSU has been host to the Summer Special Olympics Summer Games and Beta Mu Sigma has been there to help and contribute in anyway we can. Since 2001 we have held our annual three-day BBQ to feed the participants, families, and athletes of Special Olympics, by offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. By providing this service we not only give back to our alma mater of SCSU, but to Special Olympics of Connecticut. Every year this fundraiser has grown and we are more than happy to help.

Jail N’ Bail

In the fall of 2006, brother Bart “Lt. Dan” Russo, T.J. “Duece” Cunningham along with Sergeant Madera, and Sergeant Long of the SCSU Police Department teamed up to bring Jail N’ Bail to the SCSU Campus. Jail N’ Bail is a one day event where students, faculty, and staff fill out “warrants for the arrest” of any willing volunteer on SCSU’s campus. People willing to participate then are escorted back to our mock jail where they are made to see a judge to set there “Bail”. The “Bail” is a set dollar amount in which the volunteer is asked to raise by calling family, friends, and co-workers. Volunteers then recieve a free t-shirt, lunch, and then are placed in our mock Jail. All aspects of Jail N‘ Bail are strictly volunteer. The days activities are filled with music, food, and raising money for the athletes of Special Olympics of Connecticut.

In its first year, Jail N’ Bail‘s expectations of raising $2,500 were crushed by the over whelming participation of Southern students and faculty by raising over $17,000.00 in one day. Now that we have just completed our eigth annual Jail N’ Bail we are proud to say that we have raised and donated over $85,000.

BMS is continuously growing in opportunities for its current and new members to participate in the community and helping with philanthropic events. 

SOCT Formal

In 2012, Beta Mu Sigma decided to host a new event to give back to the Special Olympics of Connecticut athletes. The SOCT Formal is a prom-like atmosphere night full of fun and entertainment. There is plenty of food, music, giveways, and pictures. All athletes in the area are invited and the night is dedicated to the celebration of the athlete's hard work over the year. The Brothers mingle and dance with the athlete's and foster relationships with them that last a lifetime.


In 2013, Greek Life Council decided that they wanted to host a new big event that would take SCSU's campus by storm. Brother Michael "CApTain" Sampson and the rest of the GLC executive board worked diligently to make this dream a reality.

In February of 2014, Greek Life Council hosted their new philanthropic event called OwlTHON. This event is a dance marathon that raises money for the Yale New Haven Children's Hospital. Similar to UCONN's HuskyTHON, participants took part in many different physical activities to stay on their feet. The highlight of the night is the dancing aspect with a different dance theme every hour. The whole goal of the night is for everyone to remain standing. In result it will, show how much the children mean to you by raising as much money as possible by being on your feet for 6 hours. 

The Brothers of Beta Mu Sigma where very engaged in the event's first annual year. From start to finish the brothers where there dancing, singing and being apart of the $6,000 that was raised. 

Relay for Life

Relay for Life has become more than just an event held at SCSU, but a night of remembrance and commencement of life between families and friends. Beta Mu Sigma’s involvement has grown tremendously from raising money for cancer research to participating in the organization and development of the days events. In years past, there has been Brothers who have even spoke about their personal experiences with Cancer during the Survivor Stories.

Friends of Rudolph

Friends of Rudolph is a longstanding annual holiday outreach program co-sponsored by Student and University Affairs and the New Haven Police Department. It is held at the Adanti Student Center and Lyman Center in December. This program annually brings more than 1,000 children from New Haven to Southern for a Christmas party featuring crafts, music, and a gift for each child delivered by Santa Claus. Beta Mu Sigma along with many other greek organizations participate is the day’s festivities and is always proud to participate.