Jail 'N Bail

In the fall of 2006, brother Bart “Lt. Dan” Russo, T.J. “Duece” Cunningham along with Sergeant Madera, and Sergeant Long of the SCSU Police Department teamed up to bring Jail N’ Bail to the SCSU Campus. Jail N’ Bail is a one day event where students, faculty, and staff fill out “warrants for the arrest” of any willing volunteer on SCSU’s campus. People willing to participate then are escorted back to our mock jail where they are made to see a judge to set there “Bail”. The “Bail” is a set dollar amount in which the volunteer is asked to raise by calling family, friends, and co-workers. Volunteers then recieve a free t-shirt, lunch, and then are placed in our mock Jail. All aspects of Jail N‘ Bail are strictly volunteer. The days activities are filled with music, food, and raising money for the athletes of Special Olympics of Connecticut.

In its first year, Jail N’ Bail‘s expectations of raising $2,500 were crushed by the over whelming participation of Southern students and faculty by raising over $17,000.00 in one day. Now that we have just completed our eigth annual Jail N’ Bail we are proud to say that we have raised and donated over $85,000.

BMS is continuously growing in opportunities for its current and new members to participate in the community and helping with philanthropic events. 

This year marks the 9th annual Jail N' Bail on April 22nd. We continue to reach our goal of donating as much money possible to Special Olympics of Connecticut. 

Where to buy a warrant

Warrants can be purchased for $5.00 from the SCSU Police Department, any brother of Beta Mu Sigma or at any of our tabling events in April. Come Support SOCT!


4/9    4/14    4/15    4/16

MJA Student Center Plaza Level 10:00am-2:00PM

For more information or to buy a warrant contact SCSU Police, Mark Mallon or Nolan Rourke

Where to make a donation

You can make a donation on the day of the event by buying a warrant, get out of jail free card or simply donating money. If you wish to donate money online the website to do so is listed below.