Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Beta Mu Sigma different from other fraternities?

We could say that it is the size of our membership, our leadership programs, possibly our our extensive heritage spread throughout the university, or even the composition of our membership our resident advisors, university assistants, student leaders, hall directors and univeristy officials. But the simple quality that sets us apart from any other fraternity is

What is Hazing & Beta Mu Sigma’s policy on it?

Hazing is any act to belittle another through physical, emotional, or psycological means. Beta Mu Sigma has a strong NO HAZING policy. We as a brotherhood feel as though we do not need to employ such measures to legitimize membership for our orgainzation. Instead, we build trust and respecct through team building activities, and events.

Are you like animal house?

Animal house is an extreme stretch of what it means to be apart of a fraternity, especially on SCSU’s campus. Even though we are committed to making college the best years of our members lives, we do not need alcohol to enhance the fun. Like any other organization we like to have a great time, but we are also committed to giving back to our members, organization, and surround community. 

What is the difference between a new member and a Brother?

New members are individuals who are interested in joining Beta Mu Sigma and have received a bid after rush to continue on the road to becoming a brother. A brother is a member of the organization who has gone through the process of rush and has all the rights and privileges as a member.

Why do you not like being called a “frat”?

The word “frat” is only a word, but holds a negative connotation. Since we are continuously trying to change the opinion about fraternities through events and new member development we rather not be associated as being a “FRAT”.

So what do you guys do anyways?

The better question would be what we do not do. We are envolved with numerous activities around campus including Campus Watch, Jail N’ Bail to benefit Special Olympics of CT, SOCT Formal, Day of Service, The Big Event, Friends of Rudolf, Take Back the Night, and countless other events. We are always doing something around campus to help someone else!

Why aren't fraternity houses allowed on campus?

SCSU is a state university and fraternity houses are not allowed. The university has been working for the last decade to create greek housing, unfortunatly is has yet to happen.

I‘m interested in rushing Beta Mu Sigma, what should I do now?

If you are interested in recieving more information about rushing Beta Mu Sigma visit the “Interested In Beta” portion of our website and fill out the short survey. This will allow us to let you know what events are coming up to give you a chance to meet the brothers.

How much do you pay for dues?

While being in a fraternity does require semesterly dues, local fraternities on average typically pay less than national or international organizations. Our fraternity dues are very manageable. There are numerous scholarships every semester to potentially cover the cost of dues.