Why Beta Mu Sigma Fraternity?

Beta Mu Sigma is the oldest fraternity at SCSU steeped in fifty years of tradition and life-long friendships. We, as a brotherhood, are continuously striving for the betterment of our members and the overall improvement of our organization. Our membership is of motivated, determined, and driven leaders who are always willing to help and contribute in any way possible to each other and SCSU. Many past  present members have and still do hold many different positions around the University from President of the Adanti Student Center to Hall Directors, thus building a strong relationship with our University. Our Goal as a prestigious organization is:

  • To offer and create a common bond for life-long friendship between all members;
  • To promote the intellectual, vocational, social, recreational, and moral development of all members;
  • To encourage academic excellence through chapter programs and efforts of individual members;
  • To promote an appreciation for different lifestyles and cultural heritages;
  • To actively engage in University and community service projects;
  • To provide training in leadership skills and other personal and social skills;  and
  • To increase University spirit and instill loyalty to our alma mater, Southern Connecticut State University.


Numerous brothers participate in leadership roles such as Orientation Ambassadors, University Officials, Resident Advisors, Peer Mentors, etc. These roles not only help us to gain experience, and skills to be strong individuals, but also give the opportunity for other members of our organization to better themselves. Our fraternity has been a staple in numerous University roles for years. Many of our brothers are also members of other organizations such as Student Government Association, Residence Hall Association, Programs Council, NAACP, and numerous other clubs and organizations. It is because of our long history here at Southern Connecticut State University that we are willing to work hard to keep our name as the top fraternal organization on campus.


Traditionally speaking when people think of Greek Organiztions, they tend not to associate them with good grades and opportunities for their members to excel in the academic side of college. Beta Mu Sigma however has a well-established scholarship program, including many different resources to help its members to achieve academic success. After all, you are in college to get an education first and foremost!

Our Academic Chairman, has the responsibility to make sure all members are taking the time to complete homework and attend class in order to succeed academically. Over the past few years our fraternity has boasted the accomplishment of having the highest fraternal GPA in Greek Life. Our New Members are also held to a high academic standard, and we place stong emphasis on grades during the New Member Education Period. Whether it is holding study hours to offer support, or tutoring, our Scholarship Chairman is always there to help.


“We are not a one day a week Fraternity, but a brotherhood for life.” This statement is one of our closest mottos throughout the fraternity. The friends you will make over the years of being an active member are some of the strongest friendships you will have for your entire life. Even though we are a very diverse group we share a common bond which makes us more like family then just brothers. Our brotherhood is a bond that no man or force can break.


Success in life is often directly tied to connections you’ve made along the way. Members of Beta Mu Sigma are continuously benefiting from connections that we have built over the years with many different people around campus and as well as our distinguished Alumni. Having the largest SCSU based Alumni pool over the past 50 years gives us numerous opportunities to connect with older alumni for employment, resources, and contributions. The greatest thing about being a member of fraternity is not only opportunities from other members, but from other organizations. When you leave college Greeks are more likely to receive jobs than that of non-Greek individuals.